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Issue No. 3

  • Issue No. 3

Motherhood magazine is a collection of writings contributed by over 20 mothers, spanning a wide range of ages and experiences. The articles in Issue Three center around the theme of Light. In this issue, you'll read testimonies from mothers across the globe who have found the Light that Christ offers, and continue to seek that Light even in the hardest of times. We hope you're encouraged to press on, spreading that Light in your own home and community. Issue Three contains a number of practical articles, too. As with the first two issues, it opens and closes with Scripture.

The magazine size is 7.75" x 9.75", purposely sized for easier reading with one hand or tucking into your bag for reading on the go. Issue Three has 88 pages printed on a thick, uncoated paper stock, perfect bound with a soft touch cover.

We hope you find a few quiet moments to enjoy these pieces and more:

Living Up To My Name, by Elaine Gingrich

Will It Always Be Dark?, by Rachel Loewen

Glimpses Of God in the Firelight, by Deborah Miller

Connection--The Art Of Hosting well, by Kristie King

Silent Testimony, by Lydia Hess